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Dodge Advisory brings experience and expertise to help institutions and individuals navigate and succeed in a most challenging higher education environment. Together we can find pathways to solve your unique issues.

Since forming Dodge Advisory Group, LLC (DA) in 2011 and after a few years of diverse projects and discovering more about myself, it is clear that I thrive at the intersections of life. I am energized by the wealth of perspectives to be found there.

My family of origin sat at the intersection of social classes; my dissertation was focused on the intersection of college presidents and their institutions; my practice is grounded on what is gleaned from the intersection of policy, practice and professional development in higher education. 

Kathryn Dodge offers her experience and education to help guide you, your staff, and your institution in three crucial components:

  • policy

  • practice

  • professional development

Thanks for your interest...we are developing this site and appreciate your patience.

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